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”COLUMBUS: Facts & Fiction” Video For Schools

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Digital Vista, inc., Massapequa, NY: In light of the aggressive attacks against Christopher Columbus, which recently resulted in statues being defaced or destroyed and has caused several U.S. cities to abolish Columbus Day, the need for accurate, historical information is critical. In response, Digital Vista has released a succinct 15-minute video entitled “Columbus: Facts & Fiction” by award-winning author/historian Rich DiSilvio.

Endorsed by the Commission for Social Justice (CSJ), plans are being made to introduce the film into schools to educate students with historical facts based on primary sources rather than the misrepresentations and distortions that have prevailed for several decades. Lou Gallo, of the CSJ, says “The curriculum is in dire need of being revamped to be fair and balanced. The Zinn Education model is riddled with falsehoods that need to be corrected.”

Meanwhile, Rich DiSilvio said, “This mindset of condemning great figures, like Columbus, from a moral high-ground leads down a very precarious path. For to do so would end up condemning and vilifying almost everyone, including the Founding Fathers or even Jesus. As we know, Jesus was hated by most orthodox Jews for being a profane charlatan. They even managed to sway Pilate, against his better judgment, to crucify Jesus. Therefore, what are we to do about Jesus? Do we erase him from history and knock down his statues for proclaiming he was the Son of God, because not everyone then or today agrees with his godly claim? I think you can see where this would lead. The road to erasing history leads to a dead end. We must learn from the past, warts and all, or risk cultivating ignorance.

Amid the current hysteria, with protesters committing criminal acts of vandalism, an open dialogue that presents the facts is necessary. As such, the video, “Columbus: Facts & Fiction”, answers a series of questions to elucidate the truisms and falsehoods surrounding the Columbus story, exposing the flaws by both the Europeans and natives, but also driving home the point that without Columbus the eventual founding of the United States of America would have never occurred. As such, the video ends with a mindful statement; namely, if George Washington is lauded as the Father of our Country, then surely Columbus is the Grandfather of America.

In essence, each man was flawed but vital to our nation’s birth and the bountiful liberties and lifestyles we’ve come to cherish and enjoy. Therefore, a mindset of tolerance and understanding is mandatory if we’re to survive as a nation.

Schools interested in a hardcopy of this video can contact Digital Vista at or the Commission for Social justice at

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